Robot Revolution: Restaurants Replace Workers With AI – Humans Need Not Apply

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  • Robot Revolution

    China plans to replace workers with AI

    While in Hollywood films hi-tech robots are portrayed as a threat, Chinese engineers might be able to change your mind. We take a closer look at the role artificial intelligence might play in the future


    Kelly Riddell for the The Washington Times reports, Conservatives predicted this was going to happen. With minimum-wage hikes come job cuts. It’s Economics 101. After New York City and California mandated $15 minimum-wage laws, fast-food chain Wendy’s reacted, announcing Thursday its plans to make available self-serving kiosks in its 6,000-plus restaurants across the country by year’s end.

    China reveals highly realistic Humanoid Robot (2016)

    $50,000 humanoid robot built from scratch in Hong Kong

    Uncanny Lover: Building a Sex Robot | Robotica | The New York Times

    When robots go bad – Doctor Who – Robots of Death – BBC

    Cybermen Ambush The Doctor & Master – Doctor Who Classic – The 5 Doctors – BBC

    Doctor Who – Evolution of the Cybermen 1966-2013/ The Tenth Planet – Nightmare in Silver

    Creepy Sex Robots

    Killer Robots

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